FW: [Openerp-community] Enapps web-client

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FW: [Openerp-community] Enapps web-client

I thing we may join them to add our own customization




From: [hidden email]
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2014 18:15:43 +0000
To: [hidden email]; [hidden email]
Subject: Re: [Openerp-community] Enapps web-client

The plan is for a read/write ‘light’ mobile version, but not the web_mobile

To give more insight:

Certain modules/fields can be marked to be ignored by the mobile version and that will allow to design somewhat mobile friendly screens. Not as good as a native app, but at least something that allows to work on certain bespoke models without having to write a new app for it.









From: jeff.wang [mailto:[hidden email]]
Sent: 17 February 2014 16:04
To: Enapps :: Vadim Chobanu; [hidden email]
Subject: Re:[Openerp-community] Enapps web-client


What enhancement on web_mobile, still readonly or editable ?


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------------------ Original ------------------

From:  "Enapps :: Vadim Chobanu";<[hidden email]>;

Date:  Mon, Feb 17, 2014 11:50 PM

To:  "openerp-community"<[hidden email]>;

Subject:  [Openerp-community] Enapps web-client


It is with great delight to announce that after many months of developments we are now releasing an enhanced version of OpenERP 6.1 webclient + server.  – full details, video and code here - http://www.enapps.co.uk/enapps-enhanced-openerp-webclient-and-server/

Technical libraries enhancements:

  • Latest Jquery 2.0.3 library.
  • Ckeditor for rich text editing. In line with OpenERP v8 version.
  • Grunt theme selector. Now you can have multiple web-themes.
  • Google closure compiler for JS minification. Compression and optimisation of JS
  • Webhostinghub Glyph icons. Tons of new icons can be used.

Functional enhancements:

  1. Multiple web-tabs.
  2. Right-click in lists views – copy, paste, duplicate.
  3. Right-click on lists – custom functions: can do reconcile/unreconcile for example.
  4. Right click – export to excel.
  5. New business theme – inspired by v7/v8.
  6. Ability to permanently hide or expand top filters.
  7. Hide or show right hand side bar.
  8. Company logo as ERP logo – inspired by v7/v8.
  9. Users avatar – inspired by v7/v8
  10. Editable and working one2many and normal list views.
  11. Server with subdomains – ability to deploy as a SAAS.
  12. soft_readonly on fields – this is to be set on field definition of the model as soft_readonly=['group_id1', 'group_id2']. when this is set, the field will be readonly when seen by user, but writeable by on_change functions for this particular group. other groups will see this field as read and write. If we also set readonly_priority=True, then this works the other way around: all groups will see read, but the ones defined in soft_readonly will be both: read/write. When is set soft_readonly = “1″ in view, that field will be not editable for all groups.
  13. access_groups – This is to be used when we want a certain field fully hidden from the operator in xml. the normal groups=”group1,group2″ will still need that particular model that this is linking to be granted access to, whereas access_groups=”ea_support.support_admin,ea_support.support_manager,ea_support.support_developer” will not require and thus won’t give warning messages that the operator that doesn’t have access to read the target model.
  14. Bold – To make tree view lines text have bold font add attribute colors=”bold:state==’[]‘”. Condition In brackets can be specified.
  15. move_forward – This can be added to a many2one or date field in xml as . When the operator selects a value from such field, the cursor will automatically move to the next field, thus saving him from having to press tab or moving the mouse to the next field.
  16. PostgreSQL 9.3+ materialised views. The server comes with functions that enable the use and refresh of materialised views.




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