Announcing the launch of the OpenERP Arabic Community

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Announcing the launch of the OpenERP Arabic Community

أحمد خياط
It is our pleasure to announce that the OpenERP Arabic Community website has finally launched:

The purpose of this website is to connect all the users, administrators, businesses, developers, and consultants who are working with OpenERP using the Arabic language.

We currently have four projects that we would like everybody's help to complete:
  1. Translating the system
  2. Library of user guides, for installing, administrating, translating, using, and developing OpenERP.
  3. Localized chart of accounts for countries of the Arabic world.
  4. Maintaining and updating the website
We welcome everybody's help and contribution, and hope that this website will facilitate communication between all interested parties, and accelerate the development of Arabic language support, which, in turn, would increase the adoption of OpenERP in the Arabic world.

You can start participating immediately by expressing your interest in joining a project, and describing what you can do exactly for that project.

All comments and suggestions are most welcome.

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